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"Try it!" function not working.

Dear Factorial, I have a quick question regarding the "test it" functionality on your API documentation page. When we check our API key and enter it into the required fields to test the connection and view results, the main "try it" button goes into a loop without providing any results. This issue occurs on any browser, any PC, and with multiple API keys created, even though I am an admin of our Factorial version. I have also tried all the APIs present in the documentation with the correct values, but the "try it" button still goes into a loop. This issue has persisted for about two months, and it would be helpful to know if this function is not working, so I can stop trying to use it. Best regards, Ivan V.

Error en endpoint reference_contracts

Hola. Al parecer recientemente habéis realizado algún cambio en vuestra API que ha impactado el endpoint <https://api.factorialhr.com/api/v1/payroll/reference_contracts>, desde entonces al hacer uso de la misma, no está devolviendo datos como los recibia anteriormente y en su lugar devuelve: "errors": "El punto final aún no admite la clave API o el token Oauth de la empresa"

Sample Payload Webhook Employees::Events::EmployeeUpdated

What information does the webhook Employees::Events::EmployeeUpdated convey? Can we see old and new values?

Filter received employee fields

As an admin, I get too much information from employees for some of the uses we make of the `/core/employees` enpoint, which in a distributed system with full monitoring is a problem when it comes to maintaining data privacy. It would be great to add a `fields` column where to indicate a list of the necessary fields, which in our case, most of the requests to this endpoint only need `first_name`, `last_name` and `email`.

Uploaded documents are not sent to signer

This is related to: https://docs.factorialhr.com/discuss/6194f3505e85430065f3f3a5 With the new update, we can finally upload a file to the user folder. However, it is not automatically sent to sign. This is an example of the query: curl -X POST 'https://api.factorialhr.com/api/v1/documents' \ -H 'Authorization: Bearer ' \ -F 'public="true"' \ -F 'file=@"/Documents/Test.pdf"' \ -F 'filename="PDF2"' \ -F 'request_esignature="true"' \ -F 'signees="[571836]"' Could you confirm this is a bug, and when do you estimate it will be fixed? Thanks

Is there any option to embed or integrate job application forms?

Hello, I've been reading the Factorial docs trying to find a way to embed a job application form in the website of one of our clients but I haven't found a way to do that. Is this feature available? If there's no way to do this at the moment, are you planning to include an endpoint in the v2 of your API to deal with the hiring process? I've seen in another discussion post that you are working on the new version and it will be helpful to know it and to also know when it will be public. Thanks in advance!

Fotografía empleado

Actualmente el api no devuelve este dato. La foto del emplezado. ¿Tenéis pensado incorporarlo próximamente?

Error al intantar subir un documento para firmar con la API

Al utilizar la API para subir un archivo indicando los usuarios que tienen que firmar el documento la petición devuelve un error indicando que no puede convertir el ID en un valor de tipo Integer 'Could not coerce value ("[111111]") of type (String) to desired type (Integer)'. Utilizando el ejemplo de https://docs.factorialhr.com/reference/createdocument muestra el mismo error

Puesto/cargo del empleado

¿En qué API se obtiene el puesto del empleado?

I need to communicate with the programmers of this software

I need to create a software like this for distribution