In this section you will find the frequently asked questions about our API.


  • Who, and how, can we obtain the API KEY?
    The administrators are responsible for creating the API KEY in the UI. The steps:
    Click on "Configuration" on the left sidebar > click on the API option > Create API KEY.
  • Can I customize the API KEY information in Factorial?
    No, the API KEY grants access to all information inside the platform and cannot be customized. The alternative is OAuth 2 to access customized data.
  • Does the API KEY expire?
    No, the API KEY won't expire.
  • OAuth2: What happens when I get "null" information using OAuth 2 in certain properties?
    This is because in your permission group (in the Factorial interface) you don't have access to this information. This permission has to be granted by the admin of the company from the UI.

Rate limit

  • There is a limit of 200 requests per minute for POST requests on every /api/v2 endpoints
  • There is a limit of 100 request per minute for POST requests on every /api/v1 endpoints

API reference

  • Can I use the company_id in the "Core> Employees" endpoint to make calls?
    No, the only ID that will work to do the API calls is the ID obtained in the GET