Request an authorization code

This page will teach you how your users can authorize your integration to access Factorial's API

Once you have registered your Oauth application in Factorial you will be able to let your users grant your integration access to Factorial's API. In order to do that, you will need to redirect users of your integration to the following URL:



Non-admin users can perform this action, as long as they have the Oauth Application credentials

Fetching your authorization code via the dashboard

If you need an authorization token and you don't have a full oauth flow setup in your application code, consider using the authorize button in the oauth applications dashboard. It may be quicker for your use case, to retrieve your authorization code. This is particularly useful in cases of integrations with a single user like an external API.


Fetching your authorization code in your application code<YOUR_CLIENT_ID>&redirect_uri=<YOUR_REDIRECT_URI>&response_type=code&scope=read,write

All the information required to build this URL is available in your OAuth application page, which you can access from the repository of Oauth applications.

Once access is granted and the authorization code has been displayed to the user. Your integration is in condition to request its first access token.

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