Request an access token

This page will teach you how to request an access token for your users

Once your user provides you with their authorization code, you can request their access token to Factorial. This is done via a POST request to the following URL:



Non-admin users can perform this action as long as they have the Oauth Application credentials

curl -X POST '' -d 'client_id=<YOUR_CLIENT_ID>&client_secret=<YOUR_CLIENT_SECRET>&code=<AUTHORIZATION_CODE>&grant_type=authorization_code&redirect_uri=<REDIRECT_URI>'

The CLIENT_ID, CLIENT_SECRET and REDIRECT_URI variables are available in the Oauth application page which can be accessed from your repository of Oauth applications.

The AUTHORIZATION_CODE should either be provided to you by your integration's users or, in case of single-user integrations, you should already have it as described in the previous step of this guide.

The response to this request will have the following shape:

 "access_token": "de6780bc506a0446309bd9362820ba8aed28aa506c71eedbe1c5c4f9dd350e54",
 "token_type": "Bearer", 
 "expires_in": 7200,
 "refresh_token": "8257e65c97202ed1726cf9571600918f3bffb2544b26e00a61df9897668c33a1"

Congratulations! With this token, your integration is now able to make requests to Factorial's API. You just need to pass the access token in the HTTP Authorization header as such: Authorization: Bearer <ACCESS_TOKEN>.

Now that you are authorized and authenticated to use Factorial's API, you might wanna check out our API reference. Happy hacking!


Access token expiration

All access tokens are valid for a period of one week. After this period has expired, you will need to request a new access token via a POST request providing the REFRESH_TOKEN that came with the expired access token. See how to do it here.

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