Get custom field values

This endpoint allows you to retrieve custom fields by id, label, slug name, slug name. You receive fields tagged in the response by a slug.
For now, there is one acceptable slug name:

  • employees-questions which refers to fields relating to an employee

You can filter by:

  • id: You can query a field value by its id. For example identity card value 12345678Z identifier is 4. you can search the custom field by the id 4.
  • value: You can query a field by value. For example an employee have a custom field which is "Computer" and it's value is "PC" you can search it by this value.
  • slug_name: You can use the available slug employees-questions in the slug_name field to filter custom field values that belong to this slug.
  • slug_id: It is the identifier of the slug_name. You can use the id of a slug to query custom fields values by its slug id instead of its slug name.
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