Create a webhook

Creates a subscription for a determined webhook type. If webhook already exists, it just changes the target_url.

Webhooks Types

employee_invitedWhen creating a new employee, optionally you can send an invitation to create an account in Factorial. If you send an invitation, this event gets triggered.
employee_createdWhen creating a new employee, after submitting the form, this event gets triggered.
employee_updatedWhen updating personal protected employee information such has birthday, this event gets triggered.
employee_terminatedWhen terminating an employee, after submitting the form, this event gets triggered
employee_unterminatedWhen un terminating an employee, after submitting the form, this event gets triggered
attendance_clockinWhen the user clocks in and starts the timer, this event is triggered.
attendance_clockoutWhen the user clocks out and stops the timer, this event is triggered
attendance_shift_updatedWhen the user edits their shift, this event is triggered
ats_application_createdWhen a candidate applies for a posting.
ats_application_updatedWhen a candidates application for a posting suffers changes.
ats_job_posting_createdWhen a job posting is created.
ats_job_posting_updatedWhen a job posting is updated.
ats_job_posting_deletedWhen a job posting is deleted.
timeoff_leave_createdWhen a Timeoff Leave is created.
timeoff_leave_destroyedWhen a Timeoff Leave is destroyed.
timeoff_leave_updatedWhen a Timeoff Leave suffers any changes.
timeoff_leave_approvedWhen a Timeoff Leave is explicitly approved.
timeoff_leave_rejectedWhen a Timeoff Leave is rejected.
document_createdWhen a document is created.
task_createdWhen a task is created.
contract_version_createdWhen a contract version is created.
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